nj seo agencyThere are many ways to design a website. As an SEO Agency in NJ, we know that the right helps your business attract visitors and keep them engaged with your website and your brand. By following best practices, you can achieve a website that both looks great and performs well.

What constitutes comprehensive best practices for websites is, to some degree, a matter of opinion. Best practices can vary, depending on your market, what you’re trying to market, and how you like to see your website operate. Still, there are common principles that apply to all websites for businesses, regardless of your sector. Along with a web accessibility analysis, here are the things you should try to do. As an NJ SEO agency, we follow all these best practices and more.


Our Top Best Practices

  1. Credibility
  2. Branding Consistency
  3. Fast Loading Time
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. Mobile Compatibility
  6. Easy Navigation
  7. Social Media


Whatever you do with your website, make certain that the combined effect of your efforts gives your business a high degree of credibility. You want anyone who visits your website to go away thinking, very strongly, that you are a professional. Our SEO Agency in NJ can help show your visitors that you are highly competent, experienced, and that you have the relevant expertise.

Credibility comes across in both how your website looks and how well it operates. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does need to be clear and easy to navigate. It doesn’t need to have all the latest widgets and technology, but it does to work properly and quickly. A website that loads slowly, is difficult to navigate, or has dead links leads to potential customers feeling that you’ve wasted their time.

Branding Consistency

Your logo, services and/or products, and style need to be consistent on your website. This can be achieved by choosing colors, fonts, image styles, and layouts in advance. This is standard practice for an NJ SEO Agency, but it’s a common mistake for those who go it alone.

High-quality photographs of your products should be clear and accurate. Some businesses make it look like they have several related products when there is only one, with variations in appearance. Avoid such ambiguity to build trust with your visitors. You want them to feel safe spending time and money with you.

Brand consistency across your marketing materials helps build trust and strengthens your authority. Be careful and disciplined, therefore, with the consistency of your brand, product, or service. Before beginning to create any website, it’s wise to decide the look you want and keep it consistent throughout your pages.

Fast Loading Time

A page that loads slowly is one of the top problems that leads to fewer sales. Most internet users are not accustomed to having to wait more than two or three seconds for a page to load. Those who do wait are likely to enter your website in a sour mood. They will be less likely to return than if your page had loaded correctly. If your pages aren’t loading within 2 or 3 seconds, you need to address this urgently.

The good news is that solutions to this problem tend not to be too complicated. Again, consistency is critical, so that you can each better performance across your entire website, not just on your homepage.

One way to achieve faster page-loading times is to use a content delivery network (CDN). This takes static website files, like CSS (cascading style sheets) or images, and gives them to servers near you. That makes it possible for your pages to load faster.

Another simple technique is to reduce the size or resolutions of your website images. In this way, you can achieve faster page loading with no significant loss to image quality.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is all about aiming to make your website number one in Internet searches. The first result following an Internet search tends to get the most visitors. Your business wants to aim for the first page and as high a ranking on that page as possible. While SEO is a simple concept, it’s not so simple in practice. As an NJ SEO agency, we can certainly help with that.

Many practices combine to achieve effective SEO. One of the best-known elements of optimizing your website for search engines is to include the words that a search engine user would most likely type in to find information like yours. You can’t just pepper your text with good keywords though. Doing so creates its own problems and could see your business plummet through the rankings. You need to judge where to put the keywords, how to use them, and how often, and you need to do this as naturally as possible.

Mobile Compatibility

Before mobile devices, websites only had to look good on desktop computers or laptops. Now most searches occur via mobile devices. Don’t consider mobile devices secondary. Your customers are most likely using them, so you should be creating content with them in mind.

By ensuring that your website is mobile compatible, you can make sure that your website will load quickly on mobile devices, including phones, that it will be functional, and that it will be formatted to display clearly. The majority of internet users use mobile devices as their primary or only Internet device. Don’t buck the trend; benefit from it.

Easy Navigation

Let this NJ SEO agency design your website so it’s flawlessly navigable. Your users should be able to find necessary buttons and links to go the pages you want to see. You should also help them to act quickly, so that it will be easy to contact you, make a purchase, or find the information they need. Since most visitors will be goal-oriented, the website designer should focus on helping customers achieve those goals too.

An effective website will not have too many navigation choices as these tend to be overwhelming. The menu bar should have, at most, a handful of options, with major navigation features at the top of each page.

A great tip to improve the navigability of your website is to include a search bar. If visitors can search your website easily, they will be able to go directly to the areas that interest them without using navigation buttons. Don’t forget your contact information and don’t make people hunt for it. Either provide this information on each page or provide a “contact us” page and put all your contact information there.

Social Media

A quality SEO agency in NJ will design a website that has links to your active social media accounts. Internet users expect to be able to move from your main website directly to your social media profiles.

The standard place for social media links is in the footer of your website. They are there for good reason. Social media links can serve as a kind of call to action before people leave your website. Providing alternative ways for people to stay in up-to-date with your business helps you maximize returns and minimize lost customers.

A website is no longer the digital business card of the past. It is an engaging, multifaceted resource that helps develop your brand and build a relationship with potential customers. Following best practices, as we do at our SEO Agency in NJ, can help you make sure your website ticks all the boxes for effective website design.