SEO Services Explained

Without search engine optimization (SEO), even the best companies can go unnoticed on the internet. And, without that online visibility, companies simply cannot compete. SEO revolves around making sure your company, its expertise and reputation, and vital contact information is put in front of searchers who are looking for businesses that fit the bill. Our NJ SEO services ensure that your web presence is as visible as possible, without you having to worry about any of the work to get there.

A lot of work goes into SEO. This includes the way a website is coded structurally, the research that informs the content you share, and the channels you use. By using our NJ SEO services, you can focus on regular business operations while we work diligently, putting our expertise into action.

As a website owner, you can try this yourself, of course. Though if the world of search engine optimization is unfamiliar to you, it would be unfair to ask you to compete effectively with expert firms that provide these services to your competitors’ websites. If you decide to hire someone to do the heavy lifting, get a seasoned professional with solid references.

For peace of mind and to save you some headaches in the future, ensure that the company that handles your website and has some experience. A reputable internet marketing business will be pleased to provide references of past successes. Ask the firm to demonstrate, convincingly, how they boosted business for their clients, especially as relates to SEO statistics. If they’re good, they can prove it. They’ll be able to explain to you specifically how they can help your business too.

We know that every business is different and that every company is seeking different outcomes from SEO. That is why we offer a full suite of NJ SEO services. You can create a custom package using one, some, or all of these services for something truly tailor-made for your organization.

seo services and paper graphsKeyword Research

Making your website number one, or as close to that as possible, on search engines is paramount to getting more people to your website. Keyword analysis should include a broad perspective. Finding certain “magic” words that will bring in visitors is not enough. Comprehensive keyword research and analysis of your competitors, however, should lead to consistent traffic to your website.

Much of search engine optimization revolves around keywords. The closer your website is to the top of search engine results pages when users are trying to find certain information, the more visits you will get. We help you attract viewers with the right keywords.

Keyword research involves identifying the top keywords and phrases that bring high traffic and then developing further long-tail keywords or keyphrases. This practice can help your business use keywords where competition is less fierce, making it more likely that you will have good results.

Our goal is to help you stand out from your competitors in what is often a challenging market, by identifying up and coming keywords that will soon put you into those coveted top search engine results page spots. With the insight from our research you will be able to do that, and to understand your market and your target customers that much better.

Content Creation

What can you do with keywords to bring in more viewers, and thus more potential sales? Content creation is the next step, using those keywords to add relevant, interesting information to your site. Simply filling space with keywords is not enough.

Foremost, your content must provide a good experience for your visitors. A crucial part of our NJ SEO services involves tailoring content that is informative, easily understandable, easily read, interesting, and organized for your target audience. We can create written and/or visual formats, showcasing your knowledge authority. From blog posts to longer-form guides and ebooks, our content creation helps your company stand out as an expert in your industry.

Great content is both persuasive and liked by Google. It should convince the reader to act, this action may be buying your product or service, or signing up for updates. If your content does not have a goal, it is unlikely to be performing as effectively as possible and you won’t be clear on how to measure its success.

We can work with you to provide content using a scheduled, calendar-based approach. A big part of content marketing is ensuring consistency, so your site and its SEO is always being renewed and refreshed. Whether you are looking for new copy for sites, or a full content strategy, we are here to help,

Site Auditing

Never mind the ominous connotations associated with the word “audit” when mentioned in the same breath as the IRS. An audit for your website is a positive event. All of this is meant to help increase traffic and improve conversions. To make the most of your site, you need to know what features of your site are doing well for search engine visibility and which require improvement. A site audit gives you that information, along with suggestions for making improvements. It is one of the most useful aspects of our NJ SEO services, giving you a strong starting point for any other SEO services you plan to use.

We look at your site as if we are potential customers, and as if we are the competition. We are testing for things like page loading speed, the quality of content, and broken links. Our audits uncover the big issues, while analyzing search traffic, and identifying where you have potential content gaps. We also compare your site to the top three competitor’s websites so you can see how your own presence stacks up. Learn from their mistakes, and from their successes, too.

Competitor Audit

Perhaps you are looking to expand on our site auditing report, or you want to focus solely on a competitor audit for your NJ SEO services. We’re happy to provide this powerful research strategy to our clients, uncovering potential opportunities you may have missed. We analyze your competitors and their links, keywords, content, and site structure, reverse-engineering what works as suggestions for you.

There is no reason to start SEO fully from scratch when you can take winning strategies and morph them into something even better. Our competitor auditing ensures that you know what the competition is up to, and that you can do it even better while differentiating your business.

personasCitation Building

Any time your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) are listed online, that is a citation. Citation building is key to local SEO, and usually happens in online directories, listings, and other collective websites.

These citations increase your website’s exposure to search engines and makes it more likely that people will find you. The more good citations you have, the more credibility you gain. They should all carry the same information, and be relevant to your business. The minimum to include is usually your business name, address, phone number, and of course, your website.

We work to audit your existing citations and build new ones where there is a gap. Our audit will discover which citations have incorrect information or missing details. An incorrect phone number may mean lost customers who end up looking elsewhere for the products or services you could have provided. We’ll make sure to find these errors and correct them, protecting your professional credibility and keeping your brand consistent across all digital channels.

Persona Creation

SEO is ultimately a form of marketing, and in order to market you have to know your end users and prospective clients. A user persona represents a person who would use your site, with demographics, environment, tasks, pain points, and motivators. Your site may have more than one user persona attached, which impacts the way you create content or market.

All of our persona creation is researched-based, much like the rest of our NJ SEO services. We build these user groups based on information like surveys, interviews, and web analytics. Then, we can help you use these personas to identify keywords, build links, and convert visitors into customers.


Backlinking, or having your site shared on other reputable websites, helps spread your content out and generates more organic traffic. But getting these backlinks takes some SEO finesse. In previous eras of the internet people would buy backlinks for the exposure, but now that is something search engines look down upon.

To get quality backlinks, there are a few ways to do it. First, you can use that competitor auditing and insight to find out more about their backlinks. You can target the same, or similar domains to share your links. We also have a strong network of individuals and organizations who may be interested in sharing your relevant content, or allowing for a guest post that generates a backlink.

Website Redesign

All of your hard-earned SEO needs a place to shine! Our website redesign services make your web presence intuitive, accessible, and appealing. From a full-scale redesign to a simple refresh, we will happily put our skills to work for you to boost your traffic, your sales, and your performance against the competition.

Outsourcing your NJ SEO services to the pros will boost your traffic, your sales, and your performance against the competition. If you decide to go with David Taylor Design, we’ll let you customize your package as no company is the same. We know the market, we can get to know your business, and then we’ll make the most of both. Contact us to learn more about how we can help grow your business. You can also email or call 973-317-8765.