Nonprofit Fundraising Strategic PlanWe all have seen the speed at which the internet has taken root in our lives in such a short timespan. Now, we can access this cyber universe from any device, in any place,  at any time. With this ease of entry comes a deluge of information, advertisements, and communication, which makes standing out from competition harder than ever. How can businesses, organizations, and nonprofits shine among the rest?

The answer involves having a great website that attracts users and turns them into supporters. The internet becoming a large e-commerce resource gives nonprofits the chance to expand their reach in an entirely different way. However, people aren’t scouring the web just to find places to send their donations. They need to be prompted, inspired, and feel connected to a cause. Your nonprofit fundraising strategic plan for your website should evoke strong feelings in viewers while imprinting your message for continuous support.

Online fundraising is a powerful tool that connects potential donors with causes. There are many ways to succeed in this marketing journey so we’ve put together some online strategies that will help maximize your donations.

Coordinate Channels

You need to focus on a few specific channels, both online and offline. These include any social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, along with email, snail mail, and telephone calls. You have to decide which channel will work best for your potential supporters. Incorporating multiple channels also makes it easier for donors to find you.

Create a Compelling Message

Your message should align with meaningful and achievable goals. Your nonprofit fundraising strategic plan should also generate a sense of urgency by having a fast and short timeline. This way people feel they must donate before time runs out. Furthermore, putting personal stories with faces throughout your website creates a sense of togetherness, empathy, and emotion. For example, Acumen has a strong landing page that features an image of two children along with a brief message about what they do.  

Focus Your Campaign Message

Once you’ve secured your various channels and are confident in your core message, make sure everything remains consistent to avoid confusion. Also, consider keeping the same approachable tone on each platform to establish familiarity on your nonprofit fundraising strategic plan.

Make It Easy to Donate

Having a website that is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with a clear call to action like “Donate Now”, attracts and keeps donors on the website. With the burst of stable and easy-to-use e-commerce websites, more and more people are willing to make purchases online, granting you an advantage over nonprofits without webpages. P.S., don’t forget to say thank you!

Include Gamification

Congratulations, now that you have a list of donors for your nonprofit fundraising strategic plan, keep them coming back by enticing them with point systems and rewards for their positive actions.

Spread the Word

Don’t be shy about asking donors to pass your organization’s name around by including a quick request upon their donation receipt. Developing social media evangelists for your nonprofit fundraising strategic plan will also increase your online presence and reach. The Arizona Literacy and Learning Center even gives donors the option of sharing their philanthropy on social media.

Stay in Touch

Show your donors and supporters how much they mean to your nonprofit by revealing what a difference their contribution has made. You should also keep them updated on current projects and case studies to keep the excitement growing. Plus, once you have a solid following, you can always reach out and ask for more money confidently.
Online fundraising is a daunting but necessary task for nonprofit organizations. It takes strong marketing, strategy, and communication to reach the right people. However, once you’ve created an influential and powerful site, you’ll be positioned to make a difference in the cybersphere. Having a website that works properly on multiple platforms provides instant, easy, and targeted messages for a compassionate audience looking for worthy causes.

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