Want to boost SEO results? These days, having a great product, a well-designed site, and a top-notch customer service team isn’t enough. Instead, you need a clear map to help people find you. And these days, people primarily find answers, products, and brands on the Internet.

If your keyword research isn’t up to snuff, then people won’t be able to find you. Instead, they’ll click on your competitors and buy from them. It’s not because your competitors are better. It’s because your competitors might have been more visible.

What’s the answer? Outsource keyword research. We’ve assembled a guide to the importance of keyword research as conducted by a third party, and how it can help boost SEO results and your revenue.

Establish Your Presence

We can’t overemphasize the importance of keyword research. Your audience is working under adverse conditions to find your content, and keyword research smooths that path.

Think about it. When someone Googles a term like “best red sneakers”, they may scan the first page of results. That’s if you’re lucky—many shoppers won’t look past the first three or five links. If your content doesn’t rank high, people won’t find it. Their attention spans are short, and they’re often crunched for time. If your site navigation is frustrating or your content isn’t relevant, they will quickly look elsewhere.

Here’s the thing. Potential customers owe you nothing—not their time, attention, money, or energy. You have to earn their trust, and one of the best ways to do this is by adding value to their lives through content. When Google doesn’t rank your content highly, it could be a symbol of a greater issue. For instance, your site content might not have relevant keywords, be hard to read, or be riddled with errors and confusing site navigation. Google wants to provide the most valuable content. If your content isn’t considered ‘valuable’ by the algorithm, take some time to establish why.

Of course, it’s hard to view content writing with an objective eye. Writing is often a subjective process, and it’s even harder with all the emotional labor you’ve invested into your brand. That’s why outsourcing keyword research is crucial. It gives you a chance to hand your content over to a credible, talented third party with no emotional investment in your brand.

With the clear vision of someone who is new to your brand, they can easily pinpoint where your brand needs improvement, clarification, and so forth.

Get Tailored Lists

When you outsource keyword research, you end up with a strong foundation to improve your approach to SEO. Keyword research is so much more than a quick Google search to see what your competitors are doing. The best keyword research service will take an iterative approach. With multiple rounds of research and iteration, you should end up with hundreds of high-quality keywords to work with.

Google’s algorithm does not look kindly upon keyword stuffing. Content rules have changed in recent years, and it’s no longer a free-for-all when it comes to keywords. Instead, you need to choose keywords that mimic search terms your audience is actually using. This will indicate your content’s true value to Google’s algorithm.

Since keyword stuffing is out of the question, it’s important that you have lots of highly specific options to choose from. This will allow you to leverage the full power of keywords that fit your content and your audience.

When you have hundreds of options, you’ll always have the right choice for anything your content writing demands. When you’re getting highly tailored lists from a keyword research service, it’s important that you add in competitor research. After all, they know what they’re doing too. It’s crucial to see any angles you may have missed, gain inspiration from their approach to keywords and SEO, and see how their choices are driving revenue to their brand.

When outsourcing keyword research, know that many companies will provide tailored lists for both SEO and PPC. It’s a great way to make sure your content writing and paid advertising campaigns both benefit from strong keywords!

Guide Your Content Strategy

Content rules the online world these days. It comes in the form of social media copy, landing pages, videos, white papers, blogging, and so much more. With this overwhelming variety, how can you sketch out a strong content strategy?

When you outsource keyword research, this information also helps inform your content strategy and editorial calendar. When you identify the top keywords your potential audience is looking for, you can compare your website and social channels.

What high-quality content are you missing? What gaps need to be addressed? You may need to write new landing pages, beef up your product descriptions, or change your social media strategy. If you’ve been feeling lost and aimless when it comes to content, try chasing keywords. While this needs to be done in moderation, it’s a great compass to try to get quick wins with your content.

Targeting the right keywords will provide quick boosts in traffic. But it’s important to remember that you’re building a long-term foundation for your brand, and SEO is iterative. The work that you put in now will pay off for years to come. With the right keywords, you can ensure that the work you’re putting in is trending in the right direction.

Target Your Content

High-stakes keywords are hard to ‘win’. Consider the Grammys, for instance. As an incredibly high-profile event, millions of people are cranking out content around the Grammys. In the aftermath of the Grammys, major publications will be churning out content. Publications like the New York Times and the Washington Post will have articles. Major celebrity Twitter accounts will chronicle the Grammys. Millions of people on social media accounts will turn the Grammys into a trending hashtag.

As a brand, writing a piece of content about the Grammys is almost impossible to trend for. In the surge of content that chronicles the results of the Grammys, ranking for the top spot on Google is a bloodbath. Wasting tons of advertising dollars trying to rank for such a competitive keyword may suck up far too much time and effort.

Instead, outsourcing keyword research will help highlight keywords that you can top Google for. These will help establish you as an authority in your niche and will help you gain more readers. When your content is highly specific, you get high-quality attention. People who do find your content will be interested and are more likely to contact you or make a purchase.

Staying on Top of Things

Ranking high on Google doesn’t happen by chance. It’s more than a full-time job, too. It can take multiple marketing professionals to give you a fighting chance to rank consistently across search engines. Why? For starters, Google’s algorithm is always changing. Consider the content world a few years ago. Then, blogs were all the rage.

Now, TikTokers and Instagram influencers hold the most sway in the content world. It’s a big change, and talented marketers are leading the charge to maximize views and clicks.

That’s only one example of a change. Google’s algorithm changes often in an effort to provide the most valuable content. Something that worked a few months ago might turn into an SEO penalty later on. That may cost precious hours that you and your team don’t have. Think about it this way. Some things are glass balls.

When juggling, dropping glass balls can be costly. In this analogy, it can tarnish your brand reputation, lose you money, and turn away customers. Those things count as glass balls. Other things won’t shatter. A rubber ball won’t break when you drop it, and rubber balls are things that can be delegated and offloaded.

Sometimes, it’s time to delegate your keyword research to someone else. This will improve your chances of keeping all those glass balls up in the air. It’s time to give someone else an opportunity to juggle alongside you. This will improve the quality of your work, improve your productivity, reduce your stress, and so much more.

When you take these steps by outsourcing keyword research, you’ll be able to breathe easily. With our talented team, you’ll be able to see great results across your content, web traffic, and so much more.

Find Out More About How to Outsource Keyword Research

When you outsource keyword research, you’ll be able to build viable long-term strategies. Instead of floundering and hoping that your ads and content will hit home, you’ll be able to proceed with confidence.

Investing in keyword research is an investment in your brand’s future. You’ll be able to write content that hits the mark every time, provide value to your audience, and drive traffic to your website and products.

If you’re interested in receiving top-notch keyword research, contact us today! We can help.