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Is Paying for Attorney Marketing Services Worth the Cost?

Is Paying for Attorney Marketing Services Worth the Cost?

Is Paying for Attorney Marketing Services Worth the Cost-Failing to showcase your law firm online is one of the biggest marketing mistakes in today’s internet-based world. After all, the United States saw almost 300 million internet users in 2016 alone. These users now have access to more than a billion websites at the touch of a button. Furthermore, according to a study completed by LexisNexis, 76% of adult users go online at least once in their search for an attorney. This means that the competition for user traffic and engagement for any law website is very high.

If you’ve been in law for a while, you probably never considered online marketing to be so essential for growth. Unfortunately, it’s not easy. Digital marketing is complex with ever-changing rules and guidelines, and it’s hard to keep up.

That’s why attorneys should hire marketing agencies. They have the talent, experience, and scalability that is essential for growth. Never juggle both your practice and marketing at the same time. Eventually, one or the other will fall short.

Here are some other benefits of attorney marketing services:

Saves time
Hiring a digital marketing agency means you’re paying for expertise. These professionals know the online business and can develop personalized yet effective campaigns to generate leads. Plus, they have enough bandwidth to handle everything themselves so you can run your practice without having to wear multiple hats.

A lot of marketing companies have multi-industry experience, which means they bring more to the table than your in-house team. In-house teams can get too niche-focused while only reading industry related content, which hinders innovation. Digital marketing agencies with success in other industries will understand your key audience and can come up with new ways to capture their attention. They’re filled with creative minds that are eager to experiment and explore new solutions. For instance, perhaps your website doesn’t have blogs. An agency will know how important this is to online growth and will develop a great content strategy to get you started.

Marketing is about the big picture. Attorneys typically focus on tasks and don’t have time to see the larger goals. Coming up with marketing campaigns takes time, creativity, brainstorming, research, testing, and measuring, which you probably don’t have time to accomplish. Hiring a knowledgeable marketing agency ensures your campaigns are organized and running at optimal levels. For example, maybe your website isn’t optimized enough. A digital marketing agency will create a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan to get your website found by users.

It’s easy to fall behind on industry trends, especially in the legal sphere. Marketing companies can stay ahead of the curve by checking out your competitors while conducting industry research about your audience. For instance, your audience might be more interested in learning more about a certain area of law. Your marketing company will suggest you write informative blogs on the website to keep users engaged and interested. Plus, you’ll be recognized as a legitimate source of legal information. Since digital marketing changes so often, they’ll help you keep your edge so you can stay in the game.

If you’ve been haphazardly throwing your marketing strategies around without thinking about results, then hiring a marketing service will be a great investment. They’re interested in working with you toward achieving goals like retaining current clients, bringing in different cases, attracting new clients, and increasing revenue. A marketing agency can give you a fresh perspective on these campaigns and will deliver results.

While it’s tempting to try and market your firm in-house, the benefits of outsourcing to an attorney marketing service is well worth the cost. Even if you have the best law firm and a beautiful website, it means nothing if no one can find you. Hire industry professionals to put you in front of users with the goal of turning them into clients.

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