Quality SEO goes a long way toward making sure that your content ranks well in Google searches and gets views. Writing at a level of high technical quality, maintaining good website architecture, and accurate use of keywords will make your online marketing much more visible. However, this doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to convert clicks to customers. The SEO for your website needs to be part of a strategy that identifies your target audience and leads to more business. If you run a business serving the Plainfield area, then local SEO is an important part of this strategy.

What is Plainfield Local SEO?

Quality SEO is composed of a range of features related to formatting, writing, and the technical performance of your website. Local SEO is based on the same principles as more generalized SEO but takes a more focused approach to highlight local customers.


Keywords are the bread and butter of optimizing the ranking of your online content. Google rankings work by connecting web searches to pages that carry the keywords used in the query, so identifying and using the keywords that your potential customers are using is vital. Long-tail keywords are especially important in local marketing, as these keywords are more complex and specific. Clicks based on a long-tail keyword are more likely to result in a successful conversion.


Informative, concise metadata that incorporates keywords in moderation is another important feature of successful search engine optimization. An expert will be able to boost your ranking by making sure your content has well-written metadata.

SEO-Friendly Writing

While searches function off of keywords, there are a variety of features that cause search engines to reward or penalize pages. Passive voice and excessively long, complex sentences result in a hit to ranking, while active voice and readable content rank more highly.

Interlinks and Outbound Links

Embedded links to your website improve your ranking for Plainfield SEO by helping Google see your website as an authoritative, high-credibility source. Interlinks within your own website help increase the time readers spend on your website, and outbound links drive organic traffic from other sources. Knowledgeable SEO strategists appreciate the importance of both sorts of links to successful marketing and will work to make sure your content benefits from both features.

Loading Speed

Loading speed is a vital technical concern when it comes to organic traffic and securing a spot on the first page of popular search engines. Studies show that if a page takes more than a few seconds to load, most people will close the page and look elsewhere. With people spending less time on your website on average, faster websites are going to push yours away from the top spots.

Web Layout

A website with intuitive architecture is going to perform better in the rankings and in the eyes of potential customers. Site architecture is the way that the pages of your website are laid out for viewers to interact with them. Ideally, there should be a hub such as the home or about page which branches off into more specialized areas of your website. All pages should fit logically into this branching structure, for ease of use and for the purpose of improved local SEO.

Marketing With Specialized Plainfield SEO

There’s a lot to understand when it comes to search engine optimization. However, there are experts you can turn to who will craft a winning SEO strategy that helps you convert clicks to customers.

SEO Strategy

Experienced SEO specialists are familiar with all the parts of search engine ranking, and once they understand your goals they can compose your local SEO strategy. A strategy entails a cohesive approach that starts with identifying your target audience and how to reach them. From there, it extends to improving the technical side of your website, arranging guest blogging to build your credibility, content auditing, and more.

Content Audit

A content audit assesses the quality of your web content and finds errors that are preventing you from ranking as well as possible. Underuse or overuse of keywords, awkward or complex sentence structure, misuse of passive voice, and other aspects of content quality go under the microscope here. After the audit is done, you’ll have a clear path forward to improve your website and achieve greater success.

Convert Clicks to Customers

First-rate SEO services enable you to reach a larger audience which is, on average, more interested in your services. The final result is that you’ll be seeing more conversions from your online marketing, email marketing, and greater success in your business.

More Benefits of Optimizing Your Content

While the chief benefit of SEO optimization is improved ranking, you may have noticed that search engines design their algorithms to reward good websites and good content. While your goal is high visibility, your web content and the user experience are sure to improve as well.

Appeal to Your Target Audience

The use of long-tail keywords and a razor-sharp focus on potential customers means that you’re more likely to connect to people who will find your content interesting.

Improved Quality of Content

Unclear sentence structure can require readers to go back and reread a sentence or result in important points not being conveyed. Writing in a more concise, Hemingway-esque style will do wonders for your SEO and for the experience of visitors to your website.

Better Experience for Visitors

More readable content, improved site architecture, better loading speed, and focus on a more precise target audience all contribute to an immensely improved experience for readers.

Get Started on SEO for Plainfield

Succeeding with your online marketing is more than just knowing the right keywords. It requires strong technical, writing, and strategizing skills. When you need your content to rank high in Plainfield SEO, the expert team at David Taylor Design has what it takes to provide your website with unbeatable SEO.