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Bograds Fine Furniture

Bograds Fine Furniture
Bograds Fine Furniture
Bograds Fine Furniture

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SERVICES Web Design, Web Development, Content Management System (CMS) – WordPress
INDUSTRY Furniture / Home Furnishings

Sometimes, you have to just reinvent yourself right? That’s what the folks at Bograds Fine Furniture and Rugs did. This is a wonderful, generational, family run company that has offered high-end fine furniture, rugs, and home furnishings for decades. They were originally going to close shop when, at the last minute, they decided to do an about face and relaunch and rebrand. That’s when David Taylor Design stepped in to help. They didn’t want to stray too far from their original look and feel but also wanted to display their information and products in a more appealing way. We believe we gave it to them. Plus, we gave them the ability to make updates to the site themselves via the WordPress platform. Part of our process is to help train our clients on how to add content to the site. We want to empower them to make text and photo updates without having to ask us for every little change. Now doesn’t that sound refreshing?

David Taylor Design loves a challenge but we also love helping people. If you’re looking to have a website where you can make updates yourself, then we’re our team. We create PDF manuals specific to your site, train you how to make the updates, and then we cut you lose. Don’t worry. We won’t leave you stranded.

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