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BRIX Brokerage

BRIX Brokerage
BRIX Brokerage
BRIX Brokerage
BRIX Brokerage

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SERVICES Web Design, Web Development
INDUSTRY Insurance Broker

Sometimes things are simply better kept…simple! Brix Brokerage wanted a simple 4 page website and they needed it up and running as fast as possible. So that’s what we gave them. We designed, developed, tested, and launched their website in just over 2 weeks. The website is sleek, fast, and a digital presence that Brix Brokerage didn’t have two weeks ago!

At David Taylor Design, we make it a priority to help our clients achieve their deadlines. If you’re looking for a new website and you’re in a time crunch, give us a phone call at 973-317-8765 and we’ll get the ball rolling!

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