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Go Tiger!

Go Tiger!
Go Tiger!
Go Tiger!
Go Tiger!

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SERVICES Website Design, Website Development, Website Maintenance & WordPress Maintenance
INDUSTRY Children's Health & Wellness

GO TIGER! is a significant wellness brand for kids (ages 2 and up).  Using two lovable cub characters, Tiger and Teena, their global mission is to get children fit and active and help them develop a healthy lifestyle!

David Taylor Design worked closely with Go Tiger! founder, Lisa Pinkett, to create a website that would engage parents and young viewers and help expand their audience. The website also features interactive features such as quizzes, downloads, and a Go Tiger! video trailer.  As the marketing needs of Go Tiger! grows over the next several months, we will be able to help Lisa and her team build out the site to meet those needs. That’s what’s great about having built the site in WordPress.  It’s flexible, scalable, and easy to use and update.

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