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Effective PPC Services For HVAC Companies

Running an HVAC company takes more than just providing top-notch heating and cooling services to all of your clients. True — it’s still essential for you to deliver what was promised to residential or property owners if you want repeat businesses. However, if you want to generate more revenue and grow your business, you need a more effective marketing approach.

This is where PPC advertising comes in. We at David Taylor Design know PPC like the back of our hands. Our team of professional digital marketing strategists have had years of experience with PPC advertising. And we’re here to help you create brand awareness for your HVAC business, gain more clients and skyrocket your conversions.

hvac ppcWhy You Need PPC

According to Google, an average return on investment for paid advertising or PPC is about 200 percent. This means that for every dollar that you spent, your business receives $2 in revenue. Moz also reported that traffic brought by PPC advertising yields 50 percent more sales or conversions than organic traffic.

PPC or pay-per-click advertising is a type of digital marketing in which an advertiser or a business pays only when a user clicks on their ad. Like SEO, you still need to make use of the best keywords to target the right customers. But the good thing is, you will only pay when a user actually clicks the ad. While SEO is also effective in helping you drive traffic, your HVAC business also needs pay-per-click advertising to reach out to your target audience.

How We Can Help

Our team of professionals at David Taylor Design are committed to helping startups and established businesses develop an effective PPC strategy to help them increase conversions.

Brand New or Management of Existing Campaigns

Whether you’re a new business and haven’t started with PPC yet or have already started but don’t know where to go from there, we can help.

First, we’ll need to sit down and talk about your business goals. Our team don’t just create a strategy right away. The marketing strategy that we will create and implement should always align with your goals.

PPC campaigns are used mostly for promoting brand awareness, generating leads and then increasing sales. For new HVAC companies new to PPC, our team can help you create ads that will target the right audience. We’ll make sure to create ads for customers at each buying stage. So whether it’s for brand awareness or to provide your customers with more information about your product or service, our team can help.

If you already have an existing campaign, we will look at your current PPC strategy and the data needed to help us determine which of your strategies are working and which are not. We’ll discontinue or alter those underperforming keywords/ads and enhance those performing well or giving you more conversions.

Our team will measure how effective the new strategies are to ensure that we maximize ad revenue for both new and existing campaigns. Our team at David Taylor Design are highly skilled with Retargeting Campaigns, Keyword Research, Google Analytics and Ad Creation. We like to be as transparent as possible. Monthly Reporting is provided to track how the ads are performing and which ads are helping your HVAC company generate more revenue.

Benefits of HVAC PPC Services

About 85 percent of consumers today use the World Wide Web to search for local products and services. However, you can’t maximize your revenue if you merely rely on word of mouth or your website to help you acquire more clients.

Don’t get us wrong — as a digital marketing company that have worked with several businesses in the past, we highly recommend SEO too, but doing PPC advertising can help you get more conversions. Below are just some of the benefits of using HVAC PPC marketing.

You Are Targeting the Right Clients

When you work with David Taylor Design, our team will help you find the right keywords for your HVAC company. These keywords are those that your clients will use to look for an HVAC company in their area. As soon as we have the right keywords, we will create an effective ad so more people click on it.

This is one of the benefits of PPC for HVAC – we are targeting the right customers. The users that will be clicking on your ad are actually those needing HVAC services: people looking for HVAC repair in their area, HVAC installations or HVAC maintenance. For example, you are targeting homeowners who are having issues with their air conditioners or furnaces. And the good thing is that you will only be paying for ads that your potential customer clicks.

Your ad will have a landing page, such as your website. Don’t worry; we also have a team that can help you with this. We’ll make sure to publish a website full of compelling and informative content. We can help you become an expert in the field. David Taylor Design is a full-service digital marketing agency, meaning we can help with everything that you need to help your HVAC company grow.

You Can Jump Right to the Top of the Search Results

It takes time to get to the first page of the search engine results with SEO, especially when you are just new to Google. With paid advertising, it’s entirely possible to get to the first page of Google right away. You won’t have to wait for months or years to get to the first page, as PPC ads can automatically appear right on the front page. What does this mean for you? More potential customers and more conversions. Keep in mind that the first page of Google captures about 71% of the search traffic, according to Moz. You can take advantage of this opportunity with PPC advertising.

It’s Cost-Effective

Since you will only be paying for the ad that a user clicks on, PPC advertising is more cost-effective than other advertising methods. And there’s more! You are targeting the right audience with PPC advertising, making it even more attractive for your business.

Additionally, it’s a lot more affordable compared to traditional advertising. Imagine how much it would cost you to advertise your HVAC company in a newspaper or television. It will cost you a fortune! However, PPC advertising will not cost you an arm and a leg compared to other advertising agencies. Also, since you’re not competing with HVAC companies in the entire US, but just within your area, that means that it won’t be highly expensive.

There will still be costs involved since it’s a paid advertising, but considering the revenue, you’ll make from new businesses and repeat businesses, the investment is definitely worth it.

Results are Easy to Measure

One benefit of using PPC is that it’s easy to monitor and track. Our team is highly adept with Google Ads tool and Google Analytics. We can help you determine the high-performing clicks, impressions and which ads give you the most conversions.

Measuring the PPC strategy is essential as that would help us determine what works and what doesn’t. Then, we can alter or enhance those under-performing ads, so it works to your advantage. We will, of course, maximize the revenue on those high-performing advertisements.

You are in Control

With PPC advertising, you are in complete control of your ad campaign. You have control of how much you would like to spend on your ads and bids and which placement you choose to target.

You can scale up immediately as soon as you see positive results in the campaign. It gives you more flexibility to move quickly when necessary. You can make quick edits and even run new tests every single day. You can target keywords through the text ads or run advertisements through remarketing based on the customer’s past behaviors and even focus on specific audience demographics. It’s highly flexible that you can test and try out a mix to ensure you’re getting as many impressions and clicks as possible. Most importantly, there’s a wealth of information available for your marketing data.

Are You Ready to Get Clients?

As a digital marketing agency, David Taylor Design can help you reach out to your target market through PPC advertising. Don’t worry; we will walk you through the entire process and discuss everything you want to know about how this works. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us as we are always willing to help. Our team of professionals have had several years of experience with PPC and other digital marketing strategies that can help you grow your business, give you more conversions and achieve a competitive advantage. Contact us today for an appointment or if you want to know how to get started.

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