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Questions to Ask A Graphic Designer When Redesigning Your Site

Questions to Ask A Graphic Designer When Redesigning Your Site

Questions to Ask A Graphic Designer When Redesigning Your SiteNo matter what your business’s goals and needs are, you can improve upon and even achieve them with a new, up-to-date website. But in order to redesign your site for your business and your specific goals, a good partnership with a good web designer is a must.

Creating a great website for a business requires communication across industries because you know your business and your web developer knows digital and design. Both are necessary in order to create a website that gets results—and that you both can be proud of. So, in order to foster good communication for a great partnership, here are a few questions to ask your graphic designer when redesigning your site:

1. How can you help me achieve my business’s specific goals?
While design is a huge part of creating a website you love for your business, that design needs to serve a purpose in order to be effective. Make sure you know what you want your website to accomplish before you get to work on it: Generate leads? Get sales? Showcase your work? If you know what your business needs, a good business graphic designer will know how to translate that into your website and create it with your goals in mind.

2. What do you need from me?
Graphic designers have the technical skill and website-design experience, but that doesn’t mean they have everything they need when redesigning a site for your business. Creating or redesigning a website should always be a partnership between designer and client. While your designer may have the skillset, you know your business and industry, and that’s just as necessary when creating a website that works for you. So, in order to have a website you love that’s completed on time, make sure you communicate well with your designer and get them what they need—from content to organization to approvals—when they need it.

3. What do you think?
Communication between designer and client can walk a fine line between too much direction and not enough. In order to get it right, it’s really valuable to recognize the expertise and experience you both bring to the table when it comes to redesigning your website.

For example, when designing a custom logo design for you, your designer will need to know the look and feel you want to capture, but they’ll know how to best communicate that visually. Whether you’re working on the design, organization, or even the typeface on your site, it takes both sides working together to create something great that you’ll be happy with. So make sure to check in with your designer and ask for their expertise.

4. Can you teach me how to do x,y,z on the site?
At the outset of your website redesign, make sure you chat with your designer about what the project will look like after the website is live. Each designer is different. Some web developers want to be involved throughout the entirety of your website’s lifespan, and some want it to be a one-and-done project, handing every aspect of it off to you when it’s completed. This is something that’s best communicated at the outset, so you know what life after the new, improved site will be like.

If you will be updating the site, adding products, downloading leads, or something else, make sure your developer knows how involved you’ll be after the redesigned website is up. Knowing that a non-developer will be working on it may impact the way that your designer programs your site on the backend. Plus, you’ll know ahead of time if you’ll need to pay extra for training at the end of the project.

Overall, communicating clearly with your graphic designer is the best thing you can do for your business and your new website. Ask these four questions, and you’ll be on your way to a new and improved site you’ll be more than happy with!

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