Questions to Ask A Graphic Designer When Redesigning Your SiteNo matter what your business’s goals and needs are, you can improve upon and even achieve them with a new, up-to-date website. But in order to redesign your site for your business and your specific goals, a good partnership with a good web designer is a must.

Creating a great website for a business requires communication across industries because you know your business and your web developer knows digital and design. Both are necessary in order to create a website that gets results—and that you both can be proud of. So, in order to foster good communication for a great partnership, here are a few important questions to ask a graphic designer when redesigning your site:

1. How can you help me achieve my business’s specific goals?
While design is a huge part of creating a website you love for your business, that design needs to serve a purpose in order to be effective. Make sure you know what you want your website to accomplish before you get to work on it: Generate leads? Get sales? Showcase your work? If you know what your business needs, good graphic design companies will know how to translate that into your website and create it with your goals in mind.

2. What do you need from me?
Graphic designers have the technical skill and website-design experience, but that doesn’t mean they have everything they need when redesigning a site for your business. Creating or redesigning a website should always be a partnership between designer and client. While your designer may have the skillset, you know your business and industry, and that’s just as necessary when creating a website that works for you. So, in order to have a website you love that’s completed on time, make sure you communicate well with your designer and get them what they need—from content to organization to approvals—when they need it.

3. What do you think?
Communication between the graphic designer and client can walk a fine line between too much direction and not enough. In order to get it right, it’s really valuable to recognize the expertise and experience you both bring to the table when it comes to redesigning your website.

For example, when designing a custom logo design for you, your designer will need to know the look and feel you want to capture, but they’ll know how to best communicate that visually. Whether you’re working on the design, organization, or even the typeface on your site, it takes both sides working together to create something great that you’ll be happy with. So make sure to check in with your graphic designer and ask for their expertise.

4. Can you teach me how to do x,y,z on the site?
At the outset of your website redesign, make sure you chat with your designer about what the project will look like after the website is live. Each designer is different. Some web developers want to be involved throughout the entirety of your website’s lifespan, and some want it to be a one-and-done project, handing every aspect of it off to you when it’s completed. This is something that’s best communicated at the outset, so you know what life after the new, improved site will be like.

If you will be updating the site, adding products, downloading leads, or something else, make sure your developer knows how involved you’ll be after the redesigned website is up. Knowing that a non-developer will be working on it may impact the way that your designer programs your site on the backend. Plus, you’ll know ahead of time if you’ll need to pay extra for training at the end of the project.

5. What are the benefits to me of using you as my graphic designer?
In the business world, everyone is competing for the same customers. This is where a great graphic designer comes into play. A professional graphic designer will work on the overall appeal of your business to make your brand stand out from the crowd. Below are some ways you can benefit from using a graphic designer for your website, and you should expect these from anyone you’re looking to hire. So be sure to ask how they can benefit you.

    • They should save you time and money
      One thing everyone can agree on is that if a solution can save you time and money while still producing a great final result, you should go with it. By choosing to hire a professional graphic designer, you can save yourself a whole bunch of headaches by putting your trust in someone who knows how to revitalize your brand into something unique. If you aren’t fluent in graphic design, then you may not know how much goes into creating a cohesive website that highlights your brand. Doing it yourself may save some money, but you won’t get the results you’re looking for unless you just happen to be a graphic designer. For most of us who don’t have that knowledge or expertise, hiring a graphic designer is a way to create a great website from the start—without wasting time and money.
    • They should provide innovative ideas
      Web designers should know what colors, graphics, fonts, and content is needed in order to make your business website stand out from the rest. Their professional opinion and design regarding custom logos, graphics including videography and photography, as well as how much content to include is paramount to the success of your website. Graphic designers possess the necessary tools and skills to understand what it takes to maintain your brand as well as bring it to new heights with ideas and suggestions.
    • They should help create a strong first impression
      The first response a reader has when they visit your website is significant. That first look will influence their decision to return and will shape their opinion of your company or products. Quality over quantity is something you should try to adhere to when creating content for your website. The information provided can be in-depth but make every word count so you aren’t taking up space with placeholders. Website design is imperative to creating this strong first impression so you stand out from the competition. Having a distinct brand will keep your business fresh in the minds of consumers, which could help increase sales.
    • They should increase your brand awareness
      Maintaining consistent brand awareness can keep you ahead of the curve, especially if your company is rebranding. A website designer should be able to pinpoint key pieces of your brand and ensure that they are highlighted throughout your website. Whether it’s a certain logo, theme, or catchphrase, a professional graphic designer will be sure it’s featured.Your brand identity is the core of who your company is. When you have an audience, they should be able to see things that convey who and what your company is, as well as the products it’s selling. Defining this identity can take a bit of tact, but it’s an important aspect of delivering an authentic brand that will build trust and loyalty within the market.

Business owners shouldn’t be afraid to seek outside help in order to better their business. Utilizing a professional that isn’t in your office space on a daily basis leaves the door open to creative influences and innovative design trends. Don’t get left behind—hire a professional graphic designer to keep you current and modern in the eye of your consumers.

Overall, communicating clearly with your graphic designer is the best thing you can do for your business and your new website. Ask these five important questions, and you’ll be on your way to a new and improved site you’ll be more than happy with!

Now that you know these top 5 questions you should be asking a graphic designer when redesigning your website, it’s important to understand the true benefits of using a pro.

Image is important to businesses. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to create an effective image that sticks. That’s why graphic design solutions are a business’s best friend. From logos, images, and text, graphic designers can create remarkable visuals that capture the attention of users everywhere. Businesses need these visuals to attract and keep customers while building a brand.

We all understand that customers judge your company within the first few seconds of visiting your website. If your site doesn’t look professional, when it comes to design and graphics, customers don’t think you’re legit. A great way to spruce up your website and make sure it’s appealing, clean, and professional is to hire a graphic designer. Graphic design companies with skills and experience know all of the little things that can easily be improved to make your website look better than ever.

If you’re ready to push your business ahead of the competition, it’s time to hire a professional graphic designer. They know what will work for your company, using proven graphic design solutions along the way. Here’s how a graphic designer can make your business stand out from the crowd and create a website that looks professional:

1. Fonts
Pictures are great and visitors love them but make no mistake about it: Text is the most powerful attention-getter on a website. Your text conveys your company’s mission, goals, and values and is ultimately what leads to sales. Great headlines and copy that deliver a strong message are super important in website design. While working together, a copywriter and graphic designer can make sure your website’s text creates the exact impression on your customers that you want. Some simple ways a graphic designer can help you are:

    • Carefully choosing font colors that are easy to locate and read
    • Contrasting fonts
    • Selecting perfect font sizes for your headlines and copy

Ideally, your text and all of its elements should slowly lead your customer to the point where they make the decision to purchase your product or contact your company. And again, the only way to make this happen is to have a professional-looking website that your customers will look at and automatically consider doing business with you.

2. Custom logo design
Your logo will make an instant first impression. Logos designed correctly will show off your business as the professional powerhouse it is. But if your logo is done cheaply, people will think your business is also cheap. You want a high-quality logo design that speaks volumes about your trustworthy company. A great graphic designer will create something that is memorable and recognizable.

3. Colors
Along with the logo, a graphic designer will choose the right colors to make your company stand out. These colors should complement your logo while reinforcing the nature of your company. You can now do more than ever with a website. So much so that the possibilities are literally endless. And while all the new bells, whistles, and gadgets seem appealing, they actually do little for your website if your color schemes don’t match. Color has the power to play a significant role in brand image, which means that people are more likely to remember your business and what it means simply through a great color scheme. An experienced graphic designer knows how to choose a handful of colors that complement one another. With tasteful and complementing colors, your website and brand will stand out as organized and professional.

4. Graphics and Images
Having engaging and unique graphics will give you a leg up over the competition. These are used not only for your logo, but also for your online presence. Websites have to be functional while promoting a stellar design. Beautiful graphics and images can make users stay on the website longer. They also can be tweaked into “spin-off” graphics based on your colors and logo, depending on your needs.

Selecting random images that look cool is easy. Selecting images that make your site look professional, while also complementing your branding, isn’t. It’s imperative that your website’s graphics and images work well with one another, your logo, and your text. One poorly selected image can turn your website into a disaster. An experienced graphic designer knows exactly how to select images and create graphics that do nothing but add to your website’s value and professionalism. If the graphic designer is really good, they can give you multiple options so you can choose the images you like best. This is great because it gives you a chance to use your creative mind and add your own spin to your website. Images and graphics that you choose can be a charming and beneficial feature of your website, when done correctly.

5. Social media
As we discussed above, branded graphics and images will have your business standing out in no time. This means you can begin to develop snazzy social media posts that users will instantly recognize and hopefully engage with. Graphic design companies will help create branded images that you can use to promote offers, inform customers, and create quality, shareable content. With the help of a graphic designer providing consistent messaging through quality graphics that complement your brand, you can churn out viral posts everyone will love.

6. Other marketing materials
With a sea of business cards and brochures out there, it’s hard to make a lasting impression. You can use graphic design solutions to your advantage for all of your marketing needs when working with a professional. A professional graphic designer will make sure you have clear and consistent messaging, a pleasing color scheme, eye-catching visuals, and beautiful details. Not only will your brand be on business cards and brochures, but it will also make a splash on company letterhead, posters, banners, and more. Keeping all of your marketing solutions consistent, from your website to your printed materials, is important for the overall brand strategy of your business, and hiring a professional graphic designer will ensure you get the biggest return for your investment.

As you can see from above, there are several ways that good graphic design can help your business stand out in a sea of competitors and look professional. Your business’s branding elements like colors, logo, and graphics work together to create a website and other marketing materials that will differentiate your brand. A professional graphic designer can infuse your brand into all areas of your business in order to tell the story of your brand and build relationships between you and your customers. Graphic design companies can help you create marketing materials and a website that will promote trust and show how your brand can make a difference in someone’s life. You already have the best services, now it’s time to create a lasting impression through compelling design.

So, it’s time to say goodbye to boring color schemes, simple stock photos, and poor graphics. It’s time to take risks and explore new graphic-design trends that’ll set you apart from the rest, and a professional graphic designer can help you do this. Remember, users take just .05 seconds to judge a website, so you need to refocus your efforts on delivering the best web design and branding you can. Your bottom line depends on it! Here are our favorite graphic-design solutions you might not have thought of for your website:

  • Flat design
    Don’t make the mistake of thinking flat design induces yawning. While it focuses on minimalist shapes, crisp edges, open space, and bright colors, flat design also offers a better user experience. Getting rid of needless clutter and instead opting for cleaner elements helps pages load faster. Not only is this great for search-engine optimization (SEO), but users will love having a fast-loading page with beautiful design.
  • Gradients
    You might remember gradients as being the go-to color-scheme for your old Powerpoint presentations and projects. Today, they’re making a comeback and complementing flat design perfectly. They enhance backgrounds, overlays, illustrations, and overall user experience. Gradients help other elements stand out on a page without being overly pushy.
  • Responsive logos
    You might have heard how important a responsive website is to today’s multi-device users. What looks great on desktop must also look great on mobile devices, too. But did you ever consider your logo also making that shift? It’s becoming more apparent that developing a responsive logo design shows flexibility and adaptability in a brand. An intricate logo on desktop might not look the same on a smaller device. That means the design needs to be cut down and simplified so it appears fluid everywhere while still showcasing the brand.
  • Movement
    Adding movement to your website design through micro-animations is a great way to boost user experience. They’re a quick and noticeable way to communicate with users while moving them through your website. For example, when a user hovers their mouse over a call-to-action button or text, the colors or size change to show what happens when clicked. These little movements make users feel like they’re in control of the interface while interacting with a brand.
  • Custom graphics and illustration
    Graphic designers are moving away from cookie-cutter images and opting for personalization. Custom icons and illustrations differentiate businesses from the rest because they’re not found anywhere else. These graphics help build a brand’s personality while making it instantly recognizable. Consider custom graphics when creating blog posts or icons on your website. If you use social media, your custom graphics will be eye-catching and new. They show you took the time to create something special for your audience.
  • Real-life photography
    Real-life photography is in demand. Users want to see actual people doing real things instead of staged stock photos. If you want to connect with users, choose authentic photography that tells a story and conveys emotion. Fortunately, you’ll find plenty of exceptional talent out there to help.

  • Video backgrounds
    Let’s face it, video is usually more interesting than text and images. Having a video playing in the background on your website is a sure-fire way to make people stay and convert. Compared to text, videos tell your message quickly and clearly. Video is a great solution if your message includes a lot of complex information. Users can now digest this content within a few seconds. However, it is always important to keep in mind the benefits of text on your site for search engine optimization purposes. When you create a video, be sure to include some keyword focused text on the same page so that you can get the most benefit from your content.

Don’t let your website design fall by the wayside. Staying up to date with current design trends will help your business stay relevant and interesting. Keep users on the page by introducing creative graphic-design solutions that’ll get them to convert. Interview several graphic design companies and web developers in order to choose the perfect graphic designer for your brand. Make sure you’re asking the right questions and allowing the professionals to provide designs that makes you look professional, and unique in order to stand out from the crowd.

If you would like to speak with one of our professional graphic designers or if you have any questions about graphic design solutions that can benefit your business and website, contact us today!


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