At David Taylor Design, we come across tons of websites that are jammed packed full of text.  Statistics today suggest that the average person’s attention span is approximately seven seconds. Yikes! That means when someone comes to your website they have to be able to quickly grasp who you are or what you do or else they’ll lose interest and move on. In other words, you have to keep your website content relevant and engaging.

Most websites today have way too much content because companies feel that every piece of information they have to share is THE MOST IMPORTANT so then NOTHING stands out. Be sure your website design is clean, has easy to read fonts, and that content is thoughtfully laid out to highlight the most important information you want viewers to know about your business. It may even behoove you to hire a professional copywriter or copy editor to help you with this task to make sure you’re incorporate keywords and search engine optimization tactics at the same time. Writing clean and powerful copy with just the right tone is an art and a science, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Don’t get us wrong. Your website needs to have content so make sure that captures the attention of your target audience. Also, be sure to consider the following when creating or updating copy for your website or other marketing materials:

  • Tone: To show your company’s personality
  • Messaging and Positioning: Ensuring that you’re getting the right information across to your clients about your company’s brand, products, services, or unique value proposition
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization: keyword integration: To help people find your company in Google searches
  • A “Call to Action”: To let people know what they should do once they get to your website (Call Now, Request a Quote, Watch This Video, etc.)

These tactics work for creating web content that attracts just about any audience. However, it’s important to really take a few more things into consideration when you want to have relevant and engaging content that attracts a millennial audience specifically.

Resonating with the so-called ‘’Y generation’’ (millennials) is a challenge for everyone today. Keeping site’s bounce rates low while also optimizing and designing a site to be engaging enough for the millennials should be the number one priority on web designer’s list today.

With statistics showing that around ⅔ of the Internet will be populated by millennials in just a decade, it is about time you start to think about how your site should look like in order to prevail.

So, what are some additions things—on top of the basics mentioned above—you need to pay attention to when designing a page to engage a millennial? Here are some of the most useful tips on how to create website content that even millennials will enjoy:

Keep it simple
Days of complicated navigation pages with lots of content are long ago over. With very short attention span, millennials will most likely move on away from your site if your contact form is a question too long, or if they don’t see the purpose and the message of your site almost instantly.

Forget about the three-click rule, you will probably have to put most of your valuable information directly on your homepage because millennials, most likely, won’t make it through more than two clicks in order to get to the point.

One other thing, pop-ups can be really annoying and outdated so try to keep your site pop-up free if you want to stay on the same page with millennials. If you’re working on your lead generation, be sure you’re placing forms in relevant spots throughout the site and on blog posts so that the user sees the benefit versus just clicking right off your site. Your forms need to show what you’re offering in a clear, simple fashion to attract the best leads.

How do you really engage with a millennial?
This brings us to the real thing here. The one and only way to truly resonate with a millennial is to make him a part of something. Millennials are not passive and they don’t like to be simply guided through the site’s content in an old-fashioned manner.

Here are some things you may consider utilizing on your site in order to better engage with millennials:

  • Integrate intuitive and interactive ways for them to navigate through the site’s content
  • Run a competition activity that includes ranking with bonuses and/or discounts for top-ranking individuals
  • Give them the opportunity to gain access to the premium content

Millennials love cool, yet not so hippie stuff. Even if your business is about selling pencils, come up with an intriguing and entertaining way to market your pencils to a millennial. It’s the only way for your service pages to get better conversions.

Stay original
And by saying this we mean absolutely 100% original! With more than 50% of millennials today writing their own stuff on blogs and delivering fresh content to the internet, they will know when you’re just rewriting stuff or when you are writing about the same exact thing all over again just for the sake of handling your site’s SEO.

The quantity of content is important, but the quality of content on your site today is more important than ever. Don’t settle for ordinary! Always look for unexploited subjects and niches and provide relevant material.

Millennials will know how to respect that!

As you can see, having great web content that is relevant and engaging even to the hard-to-reach millennial audience is very important in this day and age. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your website content needs with one of our pros, reach out today.


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