Secrets to Attorney Marketing OnlineCompetition in any market can become brutal, even more so in the marketing world when it comes to lawyers and attorneys. The internet is continuously growing, which means that law firms are also growing to expand their businesses. At any given time, there are approximately 287 million people online in the United States, with 90% of them using the internet. According to the American Bar Association, there are more than 1.3 million lawyers in America, which means there is serious competition.

In order to successfully compete with all the other firms in existence, you’ll need a few tricks up your sleeve to generate smarter leads and ultimately obtain new business.

Strong branding

Building a strong brand isn’t something that can be done overnight. It takes finesse and strategy to create an image that represents how your firm will effectively deliver its services. There are numerous elements that can aid in the building of a brand, such as an essence, perception, position, and identity to help shape the overall message and expertise of your firm.

The essence of your firm is really about what your company is at its core. What do you see the firm achieving and where do you want the firm to go regarding business? Perception focuses on what viewers think about your firm—you want clients to trust your firm and its employees, so being in good standing with clients is important. Brand positioning and identity have to do with how you present your firm and its concentration on a particular goal.

Quality over quantity

Any successful website contains content. But there is a difference between having too much content for the sake of having content and a small amount of content that makes an impact. When creating your website, part of a good marketing strategy should include content that is both informative and beneficial to your firm.

To market your firm to potential clients, don’t overdo it with information. Include important aspects without hitting people over the head with statistics and information that isn’t pertinent to the core of your firm.


If you aren’t already familiar with SEO, here’s a breakdown: SEO refers to search engine optimization, which is the process of enhancing websites so they are easy to locate by large search engines such as Google and Yahoo. To do this, you need to know how and where to utilize keywords within the content on your website for maximum searchability. Keywords and phrases are imperative to get your firm’s website noticed and boosted by search engines.

SEO is really about making your company visible to the masses. There are countless factors that determine your ranking when it comes to search results, including the enhancement of content to get as much out of your website as possible. Successful search-engine visibility for any attorney’s website involves what is referred to as a network of links from relevant pages on the web. Search engines will examine those links and place a tally next to your firm’s website, placing it in a higher weight list and providing a higher ranking and therefore a better seat in the list of results in a search engine.

Aggressive marketing

In order to remain competitive in today’s cutthroat market, you will need to be aggressive when it comes to your firm’s online marketing campaigns. Any campaign or strategies you put together should be customized to match your law firm and its objectives.

In many instances, law firms will consult and hire a marketing company to do this work for them. Sometimes it takes a pro to orchestrate a truly innovative and unique campaign through their knowledge of what will work best for your company.

Learn how to properly create a marketing budge that will grow your business