SEO for Construction Companies

97% of customers go online to seek out local services. As a construction business, what does that mean for you? There’s good and bad news. The good news? Those searches equal potential customers! The bad news? It might be time to retire old-fashioned advertising methods. This includes newspaper ads, billboards, and word-of-mouth.

If you want to grow your construction business, there’s a better way to do it. The Internet is a giant playground, and your business fits right in. If you have a site already, you can step up your game. How? The answer involves construction SEO. An acronym that stands for search engine optimization, it’s a great way to lure customers.

SEO for construction companies isn’t that hard. People want to find your construction company because they need your services. All you have to do is show them the way! Likely, your construction company grew on solid principles. Talent. Integrity. Knowledge.

The purpose of construction SEO is to highlight those traits to site visitors. With a little hard work, those visitors translate into customers!

1. Construction SEO Attracts Good Employees

Looking for work is different now. Leafing through the Help Wanted ads on a Saturday morning isn’t as common anymore. Instead, they’re taking their search online.

What does that mean? If your construction company doesn’t exist online, you’re missing out on a lot of good talent.  Whether you need summer help or year-round employees, the Internet is the best way to grow your construction business.  If those prospective employees can’t find you online, everyone misses out!

2. SEO For Construction Companies Builds Credibility

There are a million ways people can meet their construction needs. Customers can call a handyman. They can ask a talented neighbor. These days, you’re also competing with job-based platforms like TaskRabbit. Solutions are a dime a dozen.

Construction companies and SEO might not be a likely pairing in your head. It is! If lots of people are viewing your site, that means you’re offering value. To achieve an SEO-optimized site, you need good content that stands out.  Content that blossoms from hard-won experience means you stand out. Right now, many construction companies aren’t communicating online with their customers. This sets you apart from the pack!

Demonstrating your credibility through blog posts and customer interactions help finesse your approach. If people already believe that you’re a credible expert, they have every reason to engage with your business next time they need help!

3. Engage With Your Customers

What happens when you engage with your customers? That’s exactly what SEO for construction businesses allows you to do. You can learn and adjust your approach.  How do people want to engage with your company? What job types are most prevalent around your area? How do they prefer to pay?

By building an online presence, you’ll be able to learn from your customers.  How can you do this? By learning how to use SEO. With the right resources, you’ll be able to interact with your customers easily. For instance, you can chat with your customers, book a job, answer their questions, learn from them, and accept payment. All this occurs without having to interact with someone in person or pick up the phone!

4. Brand Yourself

What words would you use to describe your construction company? You might use evocative words. Honest, hard-working, old-fashioned. Often, marketers use descriptive traits to produce certain feelings.  Honest means the customer can rest easy that they won’t feel cheated out of their money. Hard-working? Your company won’t milk the job for every hour it is worth it.

Old-fashioned? This makes some people feel safe, reminding them of the ‘good old days’ where a man’s word was his bond, a handshake equaled honor…you get the idea.  By branding yourself online, you present a certain persona. That persona is who people are really hiring when they engage your company to do a job.

By utilizing construction SEO to help direct readers to your site, they’ll know exactly what you represent. Before customers even get in contact with a live person, they’ll know what your company stands for.  Many construction companies are dragging their feet. They’re used to advertising themselves in different ways. Newspapers, billboards, word-of-mouth … that’s how things used to be done.  By branding yourself online, you’ll be a step ahead. Competitors won’t know what hit them!

5. Finding It Online

“I saw your company online.” After putting so much work into building a site and optimizing SEO, those will be your new favorite words.  For people to find you online, you have to put the work in. Construction companies are everywhere. With such a broad term, how can someone in Seattle know what they’re getting? Google uses their device’s location to bring up construction companies near them. That way, a Seattle resident doesn’t waste their time chatting up a construction company from North Carolina.

If your location is listed on Google Business, then Google can pull up your business and present it to searchers in your area. That’s one of the primary benefits of construction SEO. It helps to brand, promote, and establish your business as a local listing.

construction guys at siteWhere Do I Start?

Maybe you’re new to this whole online marketing game. In a game filled with new acronyms, terms, and tools, it can seem intimidating. You know it’s worth it, but how can you get started?  You need experts at local SEO, which translates to being awesome at conducting SEO for construction companies. Need strong local branding? What about engaging with your customers? Or staying a step ahead of competitors?

One of the best SEO strategies for construction companies is to optimize for local searches. Many things may differentiate you from your competitors, but one of them will be your location. Your expertise, your local knowledge, and the convenience of working with you will make you a better deal for some of your visitors than your competitors. You can make the most of this by making sure that you have optimized your site with local construction SEO.

Local SEO Defined

Local SEO is web optimization of a site in a particular geographic area. Local construction SEO will help people find your business in the area. This is important because a recent survey showed that about half of Google searches seek local information, and almost all search engine users (97 percent of users surveyed) searched online for a local business. If this isn’t encouraging enough, consider these findings: almost three-quarters of people searching for local businesses visited a store within five miles of their location and about the same number visited a business within 24 hours. If you’re thinking about SEO for construction companies, make sure that you’re thinking about local construction SEO in particular.

The scope of the term local in local construction SEO depends on you and your clients. It could mean focusing on the town in which you operate or you could go wider to optimize for the entire state. We can help you decide how local your local scope should be.

We’ll take a look at your current customers, the way you do business, and current search trends. With this information, we can determine where you could optimizing your SEO to pick up more local business. This local business could otherwise fall to your competitors, simply because your website did not appear clearly enough when people searched for construction firms near them.

As usual, there are many ways to optimize your construction firm website. A key aspect of local construction SEO is creating a Google My Business account. Ready for another statistic? 86 percent of users look up business locations on Google Maps. Appearing on Google Maps is a staple of doing business today. It gives your business credibility and helps people find your construction firm. Let’s face it: if a construction firm isn’t on the map, how can it expect to put other businesses on the map? True or not, this is the perception of a construction business that does not have adequate contact details and a professional profile online.

How to Rank for Local Construction SEO

construction seo rankingsA good way to start ranking for local construction SEO is by identifying where your most popular keywords rank. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use a keyword explorer like the one offered by Moz. Enter your website URL, the country of your audience, and click search to see the top-ranking keywords. They will ask for your email address to sign you up for a free membership and keep out robots.

You also need to make certain that you’ve defined your location well on your site. This is critical when it comes to beating off the competition. When people want to find local construction businesses, not emphasizing your physical location could be a costly mistake. Local construction SEO allows you to make the most of opportunities for differentiation from your competitors and helps you provide your potential customers with the solutions they are looking for. Your business needn’t change its values, but with search engine optimization services, you could see it grow as new visitors find it easier to connect with you.

To optimize for local SEO, you need to make sure that your content is relevant to the local area you are targeting and contains the relevant references. Your keyword, for example, might look like “Construction company Denville NJ” if you wish to attract business from people living or working in Denville NJ.

Backlinks tend to have a massive effect on your ranking on search engine results pages. Accordingly, it can be difficult to get reputable, authoritative businesses to link to you. One of the best ways to achieve this is to have stellar, relevant content that other businesses want to reference or otherwise share with their visitors. We can also employ other backlink-seeking strategies to help you acquire those links to your site that make Google sit up and take notice. We will focus on attaining links from local firms to help boost your website for local searches.

We won’t lie to you. Achieving results with local construction SEO will take some time. Any firm that claims to get you near-instantaneous results is more interested in advertising than achieving true search engine optimization that will generate more relevant, organic traffic, consistently. It will be some time before you see the results, but it will be worth it. The best time to have started optimizing your website for local search was as soon as you created your website. The second best time to start is right now.

We Can Help

If you’re looking for better local SEO, we can increase your ranking. Get in touch with us for customized SEO packages fit to your liking. If you have questions, we have the answers. And don’t expect an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all solution from us. In our experience, one-size SEO never fits every business perfectly.

Construction SEO is a powerful tool. With an approach that goes far beyond simple fixes, you need strategies that have aced results for many different companies. A solid start is using resources that can educate you, make changes to your site, or craft it from the ground up. You’ll have a professional site that drives traffic, builds revenue, and pulls in customers. Contact us—we’re excited to chat with you!