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SEO For Manufacturers – Everything You Need To Know

Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to a suite of techniques that people use to make it more likely that search engines will serve their websites to users. SEO enhances a website so that search engines are more likely to identify it as useful, authoritative, and high-quality. While it may seem that SEO is all about jumping through hoops for search engines, SEO is about the user experience. If optimization works for a search engine, it’s because it improves the experience for the visitor.

Excellent SEO will optimize your entire web presence, including your social media. Understanding the manufacturing industry, SEO can make a manufacturer’s website more relevant to its visitors. Let’s take a closer look at SEO, how it works, and what it can do for your business.

seo for manufacturersOn-page SEO and off-page SEO

You can categorize SEO as on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page refers to all the things that people can do on a website to improve its usefulness and appeal to search engines and their users. This means things like using keywords to help readers identify the post’s subject, providing high-quality content that people need, and ensuring easy-to-use navigation to make the experience smooth.

Off-page SEO refers mostly to building a brand’s authority via the links coming in from external websites. The more authority these external websites have, the better. Off-page SEO has a significant effect on rankings.

At David Taylor Design, we take care of on-page SEO and off-page SEO for our clients. We do everything we can to give your business the best chance of success and growth. And don’t expect cookie-cutter SEO from us because we believe in the benefits of offering a customized approach to SEO.

What is SEO for Manufacturers and Why Customize?

The needs and desires of businesses of all sizes, locations, and industries vary. If a company is individual, it needs an individual approach. The manufacturing industry has unique challenges and strengths. Anyone performing SEO for a business in the manufacturing industry would do well to prioritize these aspects and tailor SEO for manufacturers. Here are some of the factors we consider for clients in manufacturing.

Page-Loading Speed

Page-loading speed may be more important in manufacturing than some industries. Manufacturers are busy people looking for the right tools, solutions, and business partners to keep their firms productive. A page that fails to load quickly is not only frustrating, but a warning sign.

People expect pages to load within two or three seconds. A page that doesn’t load properly within this time suggests a problem. And it demonstrates a lack of professionalism and speed. This may sound harsh regarding the difference of a second or two, but we’ve seen that it makes all the difference. Page loading is a significant part of any user’s first impression.


Manufacturers understand that excellent processes can lead to extraordinary results. The navigation of a manufacturing page shouldn’t be a puzzle. It needs to perform its function intuitively and effectively. Common sense navigation helps users find what they need with fewer clicks. A positive experience can keep them coming back.


With SEO for manufacturers, you can build the perceived authority of your brand. An SEO firm may help achieve this by developing quality content that helps your customers find you and keeps them on your site longer.

Typically, manufacturing businesses can also draw on a network of business partners. It’s time to draw on those connections. When reputable, authoritative websites link to your website, this improves your perceived authority and gives you a ranking boost.

Keyword Research and Strategy

Thankfully, the days of stuffing pages with keywords are over, but keywords still help people find the products and services they need. We help our manufacturing clients develop a sound keyword strategy based on solid keyword research. We identify the words and phrases that are most likely to attract your audience, compete with other businesses, and deliver results.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Modern websites incorporate responsive design, which means that the site layout adapts according to the device on which it appears. With more people searching using mobile devices than desktop PCs, and with Google prioritizing mobile-friendly content, it’s imperative to design for mobile users. Not only is being accessible good for users but it also demonstrates that your manufacturing business is up-to-date.

High-Quality Content

A newsletter, blog, or other posts give manufacturing businesses platforms from which to spread the word about products and services. Your website is much more than a digital brochure. Among many things, it is an opportunity to demonstrate the depth of your knowledge and the distance of your vision.

Demonstrate your values by writing about key topics that demonstrate your individual perspective. This is an effective way to differentiate yourself from competitors. We can help a business identify opportunities to cover topics that their competitors have missed or covered differently.

Benefits of SEO for Manufacturers

By applying SEO with knowledge of the manufacturing industry, its customers, and its challenges, we can provide high-quality SEO for manufacturers. Work with David Taylor Design and look forward to the following benefits:

  • increased authority – with a holistic approach to your web presence, you can impress clients, competitors, and others in your industry with your personalized, professional insights on your website and across social media platforms.
  • more relevant traffic – when SEO is working right, the traffic will come to you. With SEO for manufacturers, you can expect higher quality traffic, too.
  • more conversions, more quickly – once you get traffic, you need to do something with it. Our website optimization will make use of the increased traffic by converting more visitors.
  • stronger relationships – we understand that being in business is not just about making sales. We help you develop meaningful, long-term relationships with your customers. Our work promotes brand loyalty and continued business success.
  • More cost-effective and better ROI than traditional methods – unlike a TV or radio ad, your website and social media posts are always “on air.” Unlike billboards, your SEO-optimized content is not limited to particular geographic locations. An SEO strategy for manufacturers can provide wider reach, better results, and more measurability than print and other traditional media.

See the Difference – SEO for Manufacturers

We will work with you to identify and measure the success of your website after undergoing SEO. We’ll help you determine which metrics are most important and demonstrate the difference that SEO for manufacturers makes. You might want to measure sales figures, engagement, or a response to a call-to-action such as downloading an ebook. We’ll help you keep track of the effects of our efforts over time.

We understand SEO for manufacturing companies. Our knowledge, ability to listen, customization, and dedication to your success can make us a great partner. We give you an advantage over other manufacturing firms with our superior SEO designed for manufacturing companies. Get in touch with David Taylor Design for the best SEO service for manufacturers and more.

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