How do people find out about your heating and air conditioning business? Perhaps you advertise in local newspapers or magazines. Maybe you try to stay on the cutting edge of digital marketing, and you’re leveraging social media or PPC ads. Or you might even use good old-fashioned flyers posted in local store windows.

Whatever methods you use to get customers, most of them probably aren’t cheap. Even getting a good spot in your town’s yellow pages usually costs something. But what if there was a way to promote your HVAC services for free?

With SEO for HVAC companies, that’s exactly what you can do. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of making your business’s website and information easier to find online. It’s one of the most popular forms of business marketing around today, and that’s mostly because it’s so effective.

But what is SEO exactly, and how can it help boost your HVAC business?

That’s what we’ll explore in this article. Whether you’re just starting your HVAC business or you’re an entrepreneurship veteran, keep reading for everything you need to know about SEO for HVAC companies.

hvac seoWhat Is SEO for HVAC Businesses?

As we mentioned earlier, search engine optimization is the practice of making your website and business information easier to find online. There are many individual skills and methods that go into optimization of a website or business for search discovery. If you’ve heard about keyword research, content marketing, or even local business review management, then you already know a little about SEO.

When you improve your business’s SEO, your website will start to appear more often in Google search results. Your business listings and reviews might start to appear more prominently. And most importantly, you should start to get more customers thanks to your new online prominence.

Why Does Your HVAC Business Need SEO?

If you’re like many business owners, you may feel unconvinced that SEO is really that important. This may especially be the case if you’ve been in business for a long time and rarely relied on cutting-edge technology for your marketing.

But even if you’ve managed to go this long without prioritizing digital marketing, your HVAC business’s days may be numbered without SEO. For the vast majority of customers, the first place they look for local services is the internet. Even older generations are relying more and more on search engines like Google and Bing to find nearby businesses.

When a local person has a heating or cooling system problem, they probably won’t pick up a phone book to find you. Unless they’re a steady customer already, they’ll probably go online to see who they can find. If your competitors have better online reviews or more information on their websites, they’ll probably win that customer over.

Instead, when someone goes online to find nearby HVAC services, this is what they could find:

  • Dozens of reviews for your businesses on sites like Google and Yelp
  • Easy-to-find contact information for your business above other search results
  • A beautifully designed website for your business that inspires confidence and trust
  • Lots of well-written content on your site to prove your expertise and inform would-be customers

Getting just one of these things right can make a huge difference, but with SEO, you can have all four. As you can probably imagine, finding this kind of information for a local business can really impress prospective customers.

HVAC SEO Services You Should Have

You now know what search engine optimization is and why it’s so important. Next, let’s look at the SEO services from NJ Digital Marketing and how they work for HVAC businesses.

Digital Competitive Analysis

When you work with an expert agency like NJ Digital Marketing, the first thing that will happen is your top competitors will be analyzed. This analysis will tell the marketing agency how your business’s SEO compares to that of its competitors. Once you know what you’re up against, you can figure out how to beat the competition.

In addition to an analysis of your competitors, your own website will be examined to gauge your business’s current SEO success. It’s important to know about your site’s current strengths and where it has room for improvement. This analysis is the first step to long-term SEO success.

Website Code and Structure

The code and structure of your website play a significant role in your online visibility and search discoverability. If your website is plagued with messy or incomplete code, or if it isn’t optimized for different browsers, it could hold you back. This part is tricky because it all takes place behind the scenes—you could have severe problems in your code and not even know it.

Loading times, cyber security, and mobile responsiveness are all critical aspects of your website’s technical SEO. Additionally, you will want to make sure your site is properly discovered, crawled, and indexed by the major search engines. This will boost your chances of being found first when local customers go online looking for HVAC services.

New Website Content and Optimization

When it comes to search engine optimization, it’s not enough to have a well-designed website. You also need to be frequently updating that site with relevant, value-packed content.

Search engines like Google rank individual webpages, not entire sites. So in order to get discovered in search results as often as possible, it’s important to have lots of relevant pages.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to do this is to publish blog posts on your site. However, getting new, optimized content for your blog isn’t always simple. Some businesses hire freelance writers and content marketers to manage their blogs, but that isn’t always realistic.

Instead of hiring a full-time writer, you can work with an agency that provides content services. Once again, NJ Digital Marketing has you covered with content marketing services that are fully optimized for search discovery.

Local SEO

Search engine optimization truly levels the playing field, allowing businesses to reach new prospects around the world. But when you operate a small local business, you aren’t interested in getting customers from across the country. Instead, you want to reach people living in your neighborhood.

That’s where local SEO comes into play. While broad SEO helps you get discovered online, local SEO involves tactics to help you reach people in your geographic area. These include things like targeting local keywords, leveraging popular review websites, and customizing your own Google My Business page.

You can also use local SEO to create connections with other local businesses, cultivating business citations and backlink opportunities.

Website Speed

How long does your business’s website take to load? If it takes longer than three seconds, you could be missing out on potential search traffic.

Google famously penalizes websites with slower-than-average loading times. Because search engines want their users to have the most positive experience possible, they give priority to sites that load quickly. Unfortunately, many local businesses don’t have the knowledge or resources to make site speed a priority.

The good news is, your business doesn’t have to be one of them. Making your website load faster doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does take some attention to detail. A skilled web designer or agency can streamline your website’s code and media to help it load faster.

Keyword Research and Analysis

We’ve mentioned keywords a few times in this article, but you may not be clear on what they are. Put simply, keywords are words and phrases that are significant to your business. For example, “HVAC,” “heating and air,” and the name of your city would all be relevant keywords for your business.

More specifically, a keyword is a term that people are using to search for things online. If someone in Los Angeles needs HVAC services, they might do a Google search for “air conditioner repair, Los Angeles, CA.” In this case, “air conditioner repair” and “Los Angeles” would both be relevant keywords.

It’s important to use keywords relevant to your business on your website because that tells search engines what your business does. Then when people search for businesses like yours using those relevant keywords, your website is more likely to come up.

Choosing the right keywords to target isn’t always obvious, however. There’s often a lot of competition for the same keywords, making it difficult to rank highly.

That’s why keyword research and analysis are so important. By examining the competitive landscape and trending searches, an SEO expert can determine how to optimize the text on your site.

Citation Management and Backlinking

Citation management and backlinking refer to the ways your business and its website get referenced by other sources on the web. A citation is any mention of your business’s contact information, such as in reviews or listings. A backlink is a link from another website to your business’s website.

Backlinks are especially important in SEO. If a high-traffic, secure website links to your business’s site, that shows Google that trustworthy sites approve of you. This makes it more likely for your website to appear in search results.

Part of a good SEO strategy involves getting other businesses and websites to link back to your site. It should also involve making sure the backlinks and citations your business is getting are positive and coming from trustworthy sources.

Analytics, Tracking, and Reporting

It’s been said that what gets measured gets managed, and it’s widely understood that examining your own progress is a good way to increase it. But you can’t measure progress unless you have relevant metrics to measure it with. That’s where analytics, tracking, and reporting come in.

Marketing agencies use analytics and reporting software to gauge the success of current SEO tactics and plan new ones. Tracking methods are used to monitor visitor activity, both on and off your website, to help identify and connect with your target audience. Together, these methods allow you to focus on marketing tactics that work and people that buy, without wasting time on ineffective strategies.

Dedicated Digital Marketing Team

Last but not least, no business is complete without a dedicated digital marketing team to manage its SEO and online marketing. Even small businesses will have difficulty thriving without relying on a full-service digital marketer.

Of course, most small businesses can’t afford their own in-house marketing team. Fortunately, with expert marketing agencies available to work remotely, there’s no need for one. You can outsource your digital marketing to an agency, only paying for the services you need at a cost you can afford.

Start Improving Your Business’s SEO Today

As you can see, SEO for HVAC companies can be complicated. Although it’s a common-sense practice that works wonders for small businesses, it can be hard to get started from scratch.

Fortunately, you aren’t alone. NJ Digital Marketing provides each of the services we listed in this article. That means you can get the boost in traffic SEO provides without spending all your time on it yourself.

Whether you’re trying to catch the fall crowd getting their heating systems working or going after local businesses, SEO may be your key to success. Contact us today for more.