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Logo Design

What’s the first impression you want to give potential customers? That you’re professional? Daring? Elegant? Reliable? Trustworthy? Stylish?

Believe it or not, your logo is your first key messaging tool. Potential clients will use it to distinguish your company from the competition. So your logo design needs to represent your company’s core values and business point of view accurately. A logo speaks a thousand words. What does yours say about you?

If you need direction or guidance, look no further. Here at David Taylor Design, we can help establish or refresh your company’s logo to match your brand and key messaging. Whether you’re interested in a pictorial mark, abstract mark, letterform mark, or web 2.0 style, we’ll walk you through the visual ins-and-outs and help you choose the one that’s best for your business.

Overwhelmed by which colors to use for your brand? No problem. Our creative team will research and help you select the right color palate to invoke just the right feelings in your audience. From body color to accent colors to font choices, we’ve got you covered.

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