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In today’s web savvy world, it’s 100% mandatory that your website be accessible on mobile platforms (thanks Google)! Tablets and smartphones have simply taken over, and more and more visitors are viewing and interacting with websites on their mobile devices. It seems we’re all in a rush and want to get our information fast and with no hassle. Which is why, at David Taylor Design, we utilize our website design & development services to only design mobile friendly, responsive websites.

Responsive website.  What does that even mean? It means we ensure you have a website your visitors can easily view (without having to pinch and zoom!) on their mobile and tablet devices. Actually, with our website design serviceswe make sure your site is responsive on all of the various viewing screens on the market today. There’s no need to look any further for responsive website design and development services in New Jersey other than David Taylor Design.

You’re probably wondering exactly how we do this. To create responsive design, we break your website down into a simpler form that can be viewed on a smaller screen. Some images can move around, collapse, or even disappear altogether, depending upon how your website functions and operates. On mobile devices, it’s key to display information quickly and effectively without requiring the user to scroll too deeply through the entire site. Since some elements on your site are more important than others, we will work with you to focus our website design services on your company’s specific needs in order to figure out which elements are most important to display on your mobile site.

So that’s responsive design-but what’s all the talk about responsive website development? When is comes to web design & development services, development simply refers to the coding work our website company does to enable your site to collapse or rearrange itself to be mobile friendly.

In other words, sit back and relax. You can count on our expert website design and development services to make sure your customers no longer have to pinch or squint at their mobile devices to view your website. We‘ll make sure they have a great user experience!

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