web optimization njEvery business owner hopes to have a business that operates perfectly. That includes never letting a business opportunity get away without a sale. Always converting a lead into sale or income is unrealistic, however. As they say, nobody bats a thousand.

How close can you get? With web optimization, much better than average. You just need a really good system for converting leads and stick to it.

Web Optimization Is Everything

Websites are no longer the “add ons” for businesses that they were in the 1990s. Websites are the businesses. Concentrate your efforts on the company website(s), even if you have a brick-and-mortar base.

How do you go about web optimization? Try focusing on the following aspects.

  • Optimize your website for SEO (search engine optimization).
  • Enhance your site operating speed.
  • Improve your website’s images.
  • Aggressively improve your business site’s operation through mobile devices.
  • Make use of calls to actions to link with potential customers.
  • Rebuild your website, from the bottom up, to make it the most effective funnel for customer traffic.

Optimizing Website SEO

Even for those of us who function purely by intuition, there is a horribly logical and obvious point coming up. The best way to get customers to your website is to make it easy for them to find it.

Whenever someone does a Google search for a company like yours, they’ll get a list. You want to be as close as possible to the top (the first page of results). Most people don’t look past the first or second page, and web optimization for SEO is a good way to get on those first two pages.

You don’t have to hire someone to do this for you, though there is a lot that goes into local NJ SEO, so it’s advised you hire an expert.

One thing you can do on your own is do a search for websites like yours and see who’s at the top. Go to those websites, analyze them, and see what their keywords are. Study their text. What does it concentrate on and how is it arranged?

You can even try imitating the overall writing style and see where that gets you. If you see any interesting words or phrases repeated, try using those in your page’s titles.

Enhance Website Operating Speed

Computer-savvy customers expect commercial websites that have fast loading times. How fast? Slowing webpage loading by just one second, or even a half-second, can affect purchases and revenue. This has been shown repeatedly in studies, including those done by retail giants Walmart and Amazon.

Remember, search engine rankings now include the speed of the website. And searches through mobile devices count towards rankings too.

So, what are some web optimization tips for site speed?

  • Reduce the number of http requests your website makes to the server.
  • Reduce the average size of files your website downloads when opening. Use smaller images for your website, compress them, or both.
  • If you want a video for your website, you can go lite by hosting the video on YouTube. You can link to the video from your website. If you are aiming to reduce page-loading times, this method is better for your site than trying to host a video with your own server, which may cause the video to “lock” repeatedly because of limited bandwidth.

Improving Website Images

Image quality versus loading speed has been a problem for several decades on websites. There are some simple solutions.

  • Replace the images on the server for your website with images that load faster. Use cropped replacements or lower resolution replacements.
  • Use fewer images, but make the ones you use count.
  • Find the best file format for your images that lets them load the fastest.
  • Use lazy loading to only load the images on the portion of the web page the user is looking at. Lazy loading loads additional images when, or if, the user scrolls to another part of that page.

Improving Website Function on Mobile Devices

Website visits are no longer primarily from desktop or notebook users. Mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, are now the primary devices used for website visits. Obviously, you need some way to account for the small screen of a cell phone or tablet and still give a good user experience.

Having a responsive website will solve much of the problem with mobile screen sizes. A responsive website is designed to calculate how to resize images and text, and re-arrange both for small screens. The small screen user will get the same content as a notebook or desktop user, but it will appear differently.

You’ll get a lot more business with proper web optimization for a responsive website compared to using truncated versions of your website. You should also have font sizes for easily readable text, large buttons for clicking, and simple, clear forms.

Website Calls-to-Action Get Business

This is the simplest improvement to your website. Just have a statement or two, specifically telling the user to contact your company. Make contacting you easy, such as by clicking on a link.

Make the calls-to-action easy to find, visually appealing, and phrased in the customer’s language. Make it clear how clicking on the link will solve a problem or improve their lives.

Rebuild Your Website for Maximum Web Optimization

Whether your website is old, designed for another era, home-made, or budget, if your site is slow you may just need to start over. If you can afford it, hire someone to do it for you. Bite the bullet and move on.

At David Taylor Design, we understand the importance of web optimization in NJ. We’re pros at optimizing websites and just about everything else a website needs to direct business traffic. Contact us today for expert help on optimizing YOUR website!