We did it– our own new website is live! You are looking at it right now. We are now up and running full force with a new look and feel for David Taylor Design, LLC.

We’ve had a few the ‘shoe maker’s children syndrome’ as we’ve been putting our clients above our own needs. And now we know even more how important it is to find a great creative digital agency in NJ. We are excited to share with all of you our latest projects, campaigns, and offers.

We have recently won four awards and wanted our quality of work to reflect on our website. Two awards from the Art Directors Club of New Jersey and two national awards for design from Graphic Design USA.

Finding the right look and feel when designing a website is solely targeted around your audience. We have a big target market that ranges from design for small business in NJ to design for national fortune 100 corporations. Going through the website strategy, design and development process ourselves gave us fantastic insight from the client’s perspective.  With this new insight, we were able to tweak our process into a more supportive and guided strategy.

So what do you think of the new look? We would love to hear your feedback!

Give us a call at 973-317-8765 or contact us for more information.

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