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Why Web Development and Design Are Essential to Your Mobile Presence

Why Web Development and Design Are Essential to Your Mobile Presence

Why Web Development and Design Are Essential to Your Mobile Presence

These days, virtually everybody is connected to the internet in some capacity. The majority of us are connected through multiple platforms at the same time. It is no wonder why companies and marketing strategists strive so hard to grow business through these platforms. It is vital to have an online presence in any industry today and mobile platforms provide a direct connection to consumers. For this reason, it’s equally important, if not more, that your company’s online presence to have a mobile-friendly design as well since the majority of online searches come from mobile devices rather than desktops. Hiring professional web-development services is a key to make this a reality for your business and optimize your online performance capabilities.

So how do you look on mobile? Here’s why you need web-development services:


Accessibility is key to any website. Look around you. It seems as though everyone is gazing into the glow of a pocket-sized computer screen. That mobile device in their hands provides a gateway to countless information and resources. It is imperative that your business be accessible on these mobile devices. A website is great, but that website needs to be user-friendly across all mediums. It needs to be adaptable to any device that is being used to view its content. Most consumers are not going to spend much time clicking around, pinching screens, and zooming for information on their smartphones because your site was designed to only function well on a traditional desktop computer. They will move on quickly to a competitor that is better prepared. Accessibility can all be achieved with strategic website development.

Your website needs to work, and it needs to work well. People don’t have the patience to wait on slow and lagging systems, links that fail to work, and poorly functioning search engines. We live in a microwave generation that wants what they want now. They don’t have time to wait. A quality web-development services team can help make sure your website is responsive on all platforms. Not all web platforms are equal. A desktop computer offers a means to provide a little more detail in one location, while the screen on a cell phone lends itself to be more suitable to streamline and simplistic designs that fit. Both platforms need to be equally efficient. When a customer places an order or clicks a contact button, your website needs to perform quickly and accurately across all platforms to ensure satisfaction. Voice commands are another means of accessing content, and it is becoming increasingly popular. Staying on top of these technological trends is a quality of a top-performing web-development company. Whether it is loading an image, a map location, or linking to reviews, your website needs to respond with precision and speed.

Your website’s design plays a major role. It works hand-in-hand with its overall functionality, accessibility, and responsiveness. A good web-development company can help maintain consistent branding across multiple platforms while catering to each device’s specific needs. Your brand image should not be lost because the screen size changes. However, the format needs to be flexible. The same look you get on a wide-screen laptop, desktop, or television monitor will be different than that on a smartphone or tablet, but it can still maintain style and branding. Functionality also comes into play with mobile-friendly design because mobile devices are typically handled with only one hand. The more a user can scroll and access easily without the need to pinch and zoom makes a website more mobile-friendly.

This means designers and web developers might add or remove data and images as needed depending on the device that is accessing the site. This ensures visitors to your site get the same experience no matter how they choose to view it. Users might scroll on a mobile device, but point and click on a traditional desktop. These unique changes seem small, but they require advanced coding techniques that make a huge impact and should come as standard expectations when hiring out professional web-development services.

If you are looking to spruce up your online mobile web design, consider hiring a trusted leader in web-development services to make sure your mobile presence stands out amongst the competition.

When it comes to mobile web design, it’s important that your site not only looks good but also loads quickly. This is where accelerated mobile pages (AMP) come into play. Since Google’s announcement last fall to introduce an optimized mobile website project, publishers and technology companies have been waiting eagerly for a chance to make their mobile content shine. In February, the company finally began its support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) available which was, not surprisingly, well-received. This initiative basically aims to make mobile pages with heavy content load faster. This speed allows for increased mobile readability for websites that offer rich content like The New York Times, Guardian, and Vox Media.

To effectively create these mobile-friendly websites, AMP uses a thinner version of HTML or one that’s on a diet. This slim line of code can fit better in small places (like your smartphone) while performing at a faster rate, unlike its bulkier website version. There’s just no room for all that HTML inside a mobile device! Here’s how accelerated mobile pages (AMP) can benefit your website:

AMP Key Components

  • HTML is stripped down so it’s lightweight and easier to manage on mobile devices
  • Images Lazy Load which means they don’t appear until you need them, saving bandwidth
  • You can still use analytics and ads like regular web pages
  • Google caches AMP pages for quick access and top search result rankings
  • Open-sourced so anyone can use it

However, Some Restrictions Do Apply

  • Must use streamlined versions of CSS and HTML. CSS must be inline (on page) and less than 50kb
  • Javascript shouldn’t be used, though Google provides access to a Javascript library
  • AMP sites must be properly validated, meaning they’ll work every time!
  • No forms allowed
  • Custom fonts have to be specially loaded
  • Images height and width must be declared
  • Videos have to use AMP approved extensions

Remember that these restrictions allow our mobile content to appear quickly, thus alleviating our frustrations with unbearable loading times.

How Can AMP Speed-Up Mobile Web Pages?

  • Uses a lighter version of HTML for faster loading time
  • Asynchronous loading so you don’t have to wait for the next thing to load
  • Lazy Loading makes photos appear only when scrolled to
  • Google caches AMP pages so they come up quickly for top optimization

Overall, Accelerated Mobile Pages aim to create a great user experience across multiple mobile devices. According to Google, AMP HTML pages can load 15-85% faster than their non-AMP counterparts. With faster loading times, users are guaranteed to stay on a web page for longer which drives up search ranking. Furthermore, since Google caches these mobile-friendly websites for future use, rankings will increase even more. Plus, the continuation of using ads on a mobile version still counts towards revenue for companies. This free framework gives users the opportunity to quickly read and move through high-quality content on any device while promising top rankings for company websites.

Once your web development is set up and your site is loading properly, it’s important to make sure your site has a mobile-friendly design. Graphic design is an extremely important part of making your website stand out in a crowded market place. Users are more likely to visit your site and stay on your site when they can find what they need easily and quickly with good responsive design. 

Graphic-design solutions combine pictures with text to advertise and promote your business. With so many new software programs and talented graphic designers, graphic-design solutions are more advanced—and sometimes complicated—than ever. Additionally, the increasing importance of mobile presence adds an interesting element to the graphic design equation. For your presence to be known, your graphics have to be spot on and completely compatible. Before diving into how that’s possible, it’s important to go over some graphic-design basics. Here’s how to improve your mobile presence with graphic design solutions:

What is graphic design?
Graphic design arranges visual elements on a surface to convey an idea. Important graphic-design elements are shape, form, and color. Each is carefully chosen to create a design. A graphic designer’s visual ability, artistic imagination, and expression all influence how well a design turns out and more importantly if it achieves its intended purpose.

What is a graphic designer?
A graphic designer is an artistic professional who creates designs for business promotion purposes. A good graphic designer has exceptional people skills. They know how to gather important information, think, and problem solve—all while working closely with business representatives to make sure design ideas accurately reflect business goals and values.

Graphic-design solutions
Graphic-design solutions are more important than ever. Having a solid web and mobile presence is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. A poor mobile presence hurts your business two-fold:

  • Customers and clients are gravitating toward only using mobile devices for search, internet, and business activity.
  • Google penalizes businesses that don’t have a mobile presence and/or a poor mobile presence.

Working with an experienced, dedicated, and talented graphic-design company ensures your designs send the message you want and are mobile compatible. At David Taylor Design, we use any and every resource when creating designs. Some great ways we can help you improve your business and your mobile presence are custom logo design and website design.

1. Custom logo design
A logo is one of the most important reflections of a company’s identity. Many times, a logo is the first and only thing a client or customer looks at. A custom logo design is a very powerful way to reach out to your clients and customers. If it’s done properly, a custom logo design draws people toward your business and raises curiosity and interest. It also conveys a strong message and a feeling of trust. The challenge of creating a custom logo design that’s effective and is mobile compatible should always be left up to a graphic design professional.

2. Custom website design
There are many custom website design elements. Graphic design is one of the most important. Many businesses make a mistake and overdo graphic design on their websites. Experienced website design companies know that graphic design is a complement to an organized site that’s easy to use and full of information—copy and text. Graphics let the user know the business is trustworthy rather than overwhelming them with images and colors. Again, it’s very important to choose a graphic designer with experience, knowledge, and skills.

Having a website team that will work to develop a responsive and mobile-friendly design it of utmost importance to ensure your mobile presence stands out.  Our web-design team has provided countless clients with fantastic results, and our advanced graphic-design software creates designs that are always mobile compatible. With a strong web development team, your website will rank higher, and your clients and customers will be able to access your site much easier. They’ll also be able to make purchases, contact you, and more. 

If you have any questions or would like to get started on web development and design that will enhance your mobile presence, contact our team today.

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